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Welcome to the official Web site of the new book by David P. Schloss:

The Guide to Questioning Everything

You might be wondering what "everything" means. It means exactly that: everything. Each of us has been influenced by beliefs generated by people and institutions without even knowing it. We make hundreds of assumptions about the world and ourselves every day. Among them are the beliefs that certain foods are good and bad for us, that our bodies have only limited ability to heal, and that for the most part, we're victims of destiny.

But what if you could change your life by challenging what you've been told and therefore becoming aware of what you're really capable of achieving? Even more important than questioning what you don't know is the questioning of what you think you know for sure. This true questioning, if done from a perspective of honesty and openness, can lead to finding the vast storehouse of resources within you. Once you tap into that storehouse, anything is possible. This isn't just positive thinking; it's a deeper, richer way to live your life and be everything you've always wanted to be.

Read some sample questions and chapter excerpts, and hear Dave's comments about the book, then see if you're ready to question everything.

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