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Sample Questions from The Guide to Questioning Everything

Like the heart in the image above, our own hearts are often hidden from us until we look closer

I wrote The Guide to Questioning Everything, not because I want to tell people what or how to think, but because I wanted to help them find their own answers about life's important questions. Chances are, you've either had no answers for these questions, or you took for granted that you knew the answers.

But what if the very act of asking the questions opened up new worlds for you? And what if within those worlds, you found the way to health, happiness and everything else your heart desires? Wouldn't that be worth the effort?

The following questions are just some of those I had to ask myself as I went on my own spiritual journey of discovery. The results of that spiritual journey, along with guidance to help you set off on your own search, are included in the book, which will be released very soon.

1. Why do so many people struggle in life, even if they have strong faith, positive attitudes and great work ethics? Why do others seem to fall into everything they need?

What if there are unseen factors that determine the course of each of our lives that we're able to change?

2. Why is it that two people who have the same illness, the same religious beliefs and the same good morals could pray for a miracle healing and only one person receives the healing, while the other doesn't?

Is it possible there are reasons why healing is appropriate for some and not for others?

3. Why are some children born healthy, while others are not?

If children are innocent, then why are so many born unhealthy? Could it be that they were born that way for very important reasons?

4. Why are some people born on dirt floors in third world countries while others are born to wealthy families with all the breaks?

Could there be valuable lessons that warrant either circumstance, or anything in between?

5. Why are some people alone for much of their adult lives, even when they don't want to be?

Could there be lessons that would be best learned by spending a lot of time by yourself? Could there also be other hidden reasons for needing a lot of time alone?

6. Did your parents and teachers ever tell you anything when you were a child that you later found out to be untrue?

What if the information they received and passed to you was wrong? And what if that information formed the basis of the way you view the world? This isn't about bashing your parents and other authority figures; it's about understanding that in some cases they probably just told you what they had been told by their parents, teachers, etc.

7. Can the body heal itself without medical intervention or any other form of external assistance?

It's generally believed by society that we have to "help" our bodies to heal by using medication or other forms of treatment. What if, instead, we allowed for the notion that the body already has all the resources it needs to stay healthy, balanced and vibrant?

8. If you believe we came from Adam and Eve, what color do you think their skin was?

Whatever color that is, how do you account for all the different colors, facial features, body types and races of people we have on earth today?

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