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Don't Tie Yourself Up in "Nots"

This motivational book shares with the reader quick, straight-forward ways to untie themselves from the everyday "nots" that stop them from being their personal best.

A few of the topics are:

  • Why people fail at life, and how you can avoid the same pitfalls!
  • How to program your life for success!
  • Getting positive and learning to stay that way!
  • How to build self-confidence!
  • The proper way to set goals and maximize your time!
  • How to master success factors!
  • How to get excited about life again!
  • ...and much more

Don't Tie Yourself Up In "Nots" has been endorsed by many top motivational speakers and authors as one of the best sources of motivation on the market today. Business motivation is more important today that ever before. That's why people in corporations throughout the world have purchased this book as a tool to successfully motivate their employees, salespeople and associates.



motivational book, Don't Tie Yourself Up In Nots

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Chapter One: A Seventh Grade Lesson for a Lifetime
A lesson about the power of praise, delivered by my 7th grade science teacher

Chapter Two: Getting Started...and Why Most People Don't
How to get excited about life...again!

Chapter Three: The Price of Success
Making the two most important success factors work for you

Chapter Four: Learning the Rules
Using other's experience to help you succeed

Chapter Five: Getting Positive and Learning to Stay That Way
Tips for becoming and staying positive

Chapter Six: The World's Most Incredible Computer
Harnessing the power of the mind and your imagination

Chapter Seven: Self Confidence, Don't Leave Home Without It
Quick ways to build self confidence

Chapter Eight: Fear, Destroyer of Dreams
A story about overcoming fear

Chapter Nine: Going For It

Developing the attitude of a winner

Chapter Ten: Setting Goals That Win
A quick set of rules for goal-setting that really work!

Chapter Eleven: Time Control
Keys to successful time management planning

Chapter Twelve: Calling Your Own Shots
Should you be your own boss?

Chapter Thirteen: Care and Maintenance
Taking care of your number one asset... YOU!

Chapter Fourteen: Simple Guidelines for Being Financially Fit
Easy strategies for getting your financial life in order

Chapter Fifteen: And Now?

A challenge for your future!

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